May 16, 2018  The recipients of the 2018 NORTHERN ROCKET FOOTBALL LEAGUE scholarships were announced today by Paula Hagstrom, Director of Finance and Scholarships for the NRFL.  A total of 4 applications were received and all will receive an as yet undetermined amount of funding for their fall pursuit of further education.  The recipients were from 4 different NRFL member areas. Click here to read a press release, or here to view past recipients. 

Aaron Repke, from Big Rapids was named the recipient of the Manuel Leal Memorial Scholarship, the special award created in 2004 in memory of the former NRFL Special Divisions Director from Morley-Stanwood.  This award recognizes an individual for their focus on service to the community through youth football.   

The recipients and their home area are:

Alyse Schaub                                 Howard City Tri-County

Kaylee Brocker                             Coopersville

Brandon Kramer                          Cedar Springs


Manuel Leal Memorial Scholarship Recipient (2018): 

Aaron Repke                                Big Rapids



Since 2002, the NRFL has awarded 252 scholarships to previous participants in league member activities. 

The MANUEL LEAL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was created in 2004 to honor the memory of the former NRFL Special Divisions Representative and is awarded to a recipient from one of the NRFL league areas.