Put Pride Aside for Player Safety

Each year, about 300,000 sports-related traumatic brain  injuries occur in our country, and most can be classified as concussions.  Concussions can occur in any sport—and all are serious injuries! 

The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), working in partnership with  noted professional medical, sport, and educational organizations, is conducting an education initiative to help coaches and parents prevent, recognize, and manage concussion in high school sports. 

Important Video Regarding Importance of Reconditioning 

I just wanted to share a video with you to highlight the  importance of reconditioning on a regular basis. Please click on the link below. Having your helmets reconditioned every couple of years not only makes your  helmets last longer, but more importantly it is crucial in identifying helmets  with defects that might otherwise get issued to a player. If you have any  questions or would like more information on reconditioning to get a quote please  contact me. Thank you.



Heads Up Football

Over 155 youth football leagues from throughout the region, covering 1,300 organizations, 30,000 coaches, and 170,000 players have registered for Heads Up Football.

We have added Player Safety Coach Clinics!  This will enable those PSCs that missed past clinics to attend, as well as new organizations to register and be a part of Heads Up Football.

-July 25th (Kansas City, KS)
-July 25th (Cleveland, OH)
-August 1st (Oak Forest, IL)

-August 1st (Indianapolis, IN)
-August 8th (Des Moines, IA)
-August 8th (Mundelein, IL)
-August 8th (St. Louis, MO)
-August 9th (Cincinnati, OH)

*We will finalize clinics in Minneapolis and Louisville.  Expect them to be on August 8th/9th or 15th/16th.


Heads Up Football - Rewards Program

In the past I have emailed info on an incentive grant.  This all falls under the rewards program.  If you are a Heads Up Football organization, and are 100% compliant by certain cutoff dates, then you will receive a package from USA Football.

Rewards Program Flyer

Part of the reward will be a grant.  The grant would be used to reimburse an organization for any of the following: Equipment (Riddell), Helmet Reconditioning, FLAG kits (25 flag belts and 10 footballs = $250/kit), Background Checks, League Insurance, Field Space Rental, AED purchase, Awards/trophies, Officials (paid to the association/scheduler)

AED Grant

USA Football partners with Physio-Control to make AEDs more available to youth football organizations.  Part of this partnership will be a grant for a free AED.  Multiple AEDs are be given out, so please apply for the grant by clicking on the link below.

USA Football AED Grant Application

The AED Grant application will close on August 5th.  Those selected will have their AED the following week to use throughout the season.  For more info on Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Physio-Control, please visit the USA Football Sudden Cardiac Arrest page.